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Indonesia Traditional Cloth Of Batik
Batik, who can deny the beauty of this Indonesian’s famous traditional cloth. read»

2008-07-09 10:04:32
Indonesia Traditional Cloth Of Batik
Batik, who can deny the beauty of this Indonesian’s famous traditional cloth. Beside it has very rich of historical stories within the making and the meaning, the beauty of Batik can also stepping its existence in this modern era. As the time goes by, Batik plays its role in modern fashion nowadays which still serve the sense of ethnicity and traditional things in its menu. However, the beauty of Batik has its meaning in every scratches in its line and it is interesting to be learnt. Moreover, the characteristics from each country in Indonesia make Batik become more precious and valuable.

Mega Mendung Batik Cloth, some people might never heard this kind of Batik, this Batik is come from Cirebon - West Java. The motives of this Batik are coming from the cultural ethnicity marriage between Cirebon and China. The motive itself called Mega Mendung or Awan-Awanan (sky), and it is like a line up of cloud. A uniquely oriental, which dominated by the color of blue, both in light blue or dark blue. The Blue itself has meaning; Dark blue means Dark or Rain Carrier, while, in Light Blue means a better life.

Truntun Batik Cloth, Batik with this Stars motive is symbolize of Love comes again. It is said that Truntun Batik is coming from the story of the Jogjakarta’s Queen. The love story about the Queen and the King was drawn into the beautiful cloth with stars motive.

Tiga Negeri Batik or Three Countries Batik Cloth. Concerning the history of Batik in Indonesia, this kind of Batik is such a Masterpiece in its history. At certain time, this Batik was made in three different places, which in every place have a unique thing remain. The first made was in Lasem that produce Red beautiful color. The second place was in Pekalongan with the Blue one. Last is in Solo, which produces a pretty Sogan Brown.

By the existence of Batik in Indonesia Heritance, we have to proudly care its beauty by exploring and saving the rights, like we always care of Indonesia.  (mid-java.com editor)

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