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Indonesia Traditional Cloth Of Batik
Batik, who can deny the beauty of this Indonesianís famous traditional cloth. read»

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Indonesia-Product.com is in charge in export product, with particular of FAST, CHEAP, EASY, and STEADY web-hosting. Nowadays, IndonesiaProduct.com has more than 400 member who entrust their website to be promoted.

Indonesia-Furniture.com is one furniture portal for the local exporter, this website is very popular in abroad and become a references for the foreign importers for looking the supplier in Indonesia. Thousands of visitors in Indonesia-Furniture.com are coming from whole world. Until this day, the member of this website is up to 100 website that coming from Furniture company in Indonesia.

Indonesia-Handicraft.com promotes Indonesian Website which has orientation in export product. By joining Indonesia-Handicraft.com we guarantee that there will be more foreign visitors to your website and it will make your business increasingly better. We also offer Free Web-hosting, Editing Design, visitors Statistic and many things.

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IndonesiaJewelry.com particularly take in charge to support your business segmented in Jewelry. The product itself, including: Gold, Silver, Ethnic Jewelry, Small Beads, Antiques and its like. We can help you to promote you website for more visitors in front of international.

IndonesianNaturalStone.com is one portal from IndonesiaCommerce.com group which take in charge in website promotion segmented on Natural Stone Product. We will promote your website in international world and to make your business getting better.

Swallow-Nest.com is one portal from IndonesiaCommerce.com group which work on website promotion segmented on Indonesia Swallow Nest Products and it has export oriented.

Indonesia-Tourism.com is one of Indonesia website with good recommended to promote the Indonesian tourism. This website has been believed to promote Indonesia tourism completely.

Bali-Online.com will inform you many precious things before making a trip to Bali. We give you convenience when you are planning to go to Bali, because you will find out all the things you need when you are there, like the accommodation, include hotels, restaurants, travel agent, and tourism destination.

EastJava.com will give you the chance for the companies in East Java that want to join to be our member and get the facilities: good web hosting, guaranteed server to make your website visited by cyber-customer from international.

WestJava-Export.com is promotion web for export product and many other potential from West Java area. This website is the best choice to introduce your website to the world to get your business successful. Joint with WestJava-Export.com to promote your export product, including; furniture, handicraft, garment, etc from West Java area.

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www.Indonesia-Hosting.com is a division to serve web hosting. Since 1997 we continually explore our system and technology, our software, and give the brand new performance to enable the customers in taking care and developing their website and also increasing the security.

www.Man-Design.com will help the members to designed their website. Through Man-Design.com, we will make up your website with match design as your product that you offer to the customer.

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Central Java Business Directory : Furniture Wholesale , Handicraft Manufacturer, and other Indonesian Products
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